We have changed our production of this product to ensure a more consistent presentation and flavour profile.  The chillies are macerated with the lime, Kaffir leaf, and Lemon Myrtle Liqueur, production team then assess when the ‘kick’ is just right.

Pre-packaging filtration is medium grade to ensure that consumers enjoy the full bodied and delicious spicy flavour they are accustomed to.  Over time there may be some separation of natural oils and/or sediment.  This is an excellent display of quality fresh products being used to create the craft liqueur.  Consumers should shake their bottle before use and where possible keep it in the freezer after opening.  The separation of oils, sediment and dark rim around the neck line are all perfectly natural, expected and do not in any way detract from the quality, flavour and safety of the delicious unique Kaffircello by KISpirits.

Price: $57.00

Serving Suggestions

Chilli Ginger

45mL Kaffircello, 120mL ginger beer, chopped mint (4-6 leaves) 15mL Lime juice, lots of ice and garnish with a choice of chopped chilli, lime slice, mint to taste.

Cool Down

Serve from the freezer with chilli crabs, or cut the top off a fresh coconut and pour chilled, into fresh coconut milk.

Tasting Notes

Opaque greeny yellow
Fresh lime and peppery
Tangy lime, fragrant kaffir, chilli overtones
Hot and spicy