Honey and Walnut


Starting life as a Brandy Based spirit, Honey and Walnut Liqueur is one of the most complex products released by KI Spirits with a number of variables each batch.  King Valley walnuts are hand roasted, natural Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee honey is boiled and skimmed for most of the day to release impurities and spices are added.  These components are then macerated until the sensory analysis is deemed perfect.  Pre-package filtration is medium grade, and aims to remove oils from the walnuts and proteins from the honey whilst retaining a deliciously unique flavour and texture.  Given fresh products are used there will be seasonal variation in colour and flavour, with some slight settling possible.

Consumers are advised to shake the product before consumption.  Any discolouration or sediment will not in any way detract from the integrity of the product and should be expected.  It is an assurance that KI Spirits Liqueurs are hand crafted and exceptional.  Optimally served as a night cap, chilled from the fridge or over Ice-cream with a shot of coffee nearby.


Unfortunately, due to the devastating Kangaroo Island Bushfires in January 2020, a large proportion of the bee population and hives on KI have been damaged or destroyed. Therefore, we are unable to produce any Honey and Walnut Liqueur this year. We hope to be able to reintroduce this product back into our range in the future.

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Serving Suggestions


Made with KI's famous Ligurian honey and roasted Australian walnuts, this spicy and rich liqueur is perfect with desserts, especially the KIS signature affogato. Honey & Walnut Liqueur, espresso coffee, and KI honey ice cream (or any other good honey ice cream).

Tasting Notes

Golden honey
Spicy, warm hot cross buns
Sweet honey up front, followed by creamy walnut
Lingering baklava overtones, Christmas cake or pudding